The Story of Bars by Becca

Bars by Becca was founded with love by me, Becca (haha). After a not so awesome life event I began to examine what I put on my skin (which is porous and your largest organ) in the same manner in which I approached my food. I thought that if we are vigilant about eating right why shouldn't we also thoroughly examine what we put on our bodies. My daily regimen changed as I began looking at some of my beloved products as the bad guys. In a perpetual quest for "natural", I decided to put my prior life as a lab rat to use; I donned goggles and began creating "naturally awesome" soap.  Solely focused on natural ingredients, I began to create something beautiful and beneficial using only items which Mother Nature has provided. Encouragement from awesome friends was equally influential to the birth of Bars by Becca (I love you guys).

Soaps are made using both hot process and cold process methods.  Appearance of the hot process soap is more rustic while cold process is smoother. In my opinion, neither process is better than the other but I do like hot process for the sole reason that the essential oils do not go through the saponification process.  Organic ingredients are used when possible and each ingredient has been chosen for its potential benefit to your skin. Batches are kept small thus ensuring the highest quality. Think "Micro Brew" of soaps.  Natural soap, like mine, retains all of the awesome glycerin which is removed during commercial soap production. Glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture into the skin which leaves your skin naturally lush and moist! My bars are artificial fragrance, artificial color, paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free. My bars are, however, tested on humans.  I and the rest of my gang have tested and enjoyed each batch! If you don't buy this soap, please do some research and consider making the switch to something that is natural. READ YOUR LABELS!  We need to be just as cognizant of what goes on our bodies as we are of what we put in them.