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Many of my clients ask me a variety of questions when it comes to changing their lifestyle, natural products, food, and really almost anything that goes along with living a more holistic life.  I should of prefaced this by saying that I in no way, shape, or form live a completely natural lifestyle (yet :-) ).  Instead, I try to live a little more natural each day by taking it one step at a time.  It is possible, that if one were to try and go cold turkey, they would wind up giving up under the burden of having too much information and not know where to start.

So, here is my first tip to help you on your journey.  Set real and attainable expectations.  Pick one place to start, whether it is your body products, your food, or maybe even your cleaning routine.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip!  Also, I would love to hear some tips from you guys to add to the "Tip of the Day".



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  • Nancy on

    Excellent idea, thanks Paul for the suggestion. Enjoy your day! ?

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