Eating Seasonably

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As a family we try to be very conscience of where our food comes from and how it is produced. This is particularly true when it comes to our beloved fruits and vegetables.

Many of my clients share a similar complaint when it comes to the costs of organic fruits and vegetables; they all emphatically state, “organic costs too much”. While this is true in a sense, there are also many ways to lessen the financial burden of eating pesticide free treats.

One thing that we have implemented is “eating seasonably”. Meaning, eat what is currently being harvested in your area. Sure, you can get organic blueberries year round (who doesn’t love a $7/quarter pint price?), but wouldn’t it be cool to try something different?

Here are some links to seasonable harvest charts. Please note that these are for Northern California but there isn’t too much variability between harvesting zones.



When eating seasonally, not only do you expand your palate but you also have a much higher chance of finding a new treasured ingredient along with greater opportunities to eat organic or pesticide free (cruise the farmers markets, many growers aren’t organic because it takes a lot of time to get certified but you are likely to find many sustainable/pesticide free versions).

If you so totally need those organic blueberries in the middle of February, buy them frozen. Maine blueberries are the best!




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