Juicing for Health by Andrea Girardi

Today's "Tip of the Day" was written by a wonderful client of mine (who also has excellent taste in soap), Andrea Girardi!  Here is one thing Andrea and her family do together to lead a more healthy life...

Our household is very busy with two working parents, two kids in elementary school and not to mention the extra curricular activities like soccer. We are on the go and making sure we all eat healthy is important. I started juicing years ago and I loved the benefits-better energy, less body aches, quicker recovery from exercising and better sleep. I got away from it and could tell the difference. I started to incorporate it back into our diets. I have found that my girls love to go to the store with me to get the veggies and fruit. They are learning to identify vegetables and fruit and explore the tastes and textures. They help me wash, cut and juice. The best part is-they are involved, learning life skills and are more willing to try it when they make it!

Here is one of our favorite recipes: 3-4 leaves each of collards, kale and red chard, one lemon, one Apple preferably Fuji, one cucumber pealed (due to the wax found on the skin) a handful of fresh parsley, 3-4 carrots, about 4 cups fresh spinach, and a pealed piece of ginger the size of your thumb (too much can give it a spicy kick).


This will yield about 3 large glasses of juice. Any leftovers can be refrigerated for about a day, then it will start to lose its' potency of vitamins and minerals.

Try to buy organic whenever possible and the difference in price is minimal about $3 overall for the veggies a little more for the fruit. It's a great time in the summer to visit and explore farmers markets and to eat fresh and locally, or to grow your own at home. We also have chickens at our house so the leftover pulp from juicing is fed to them and we will benefit in the eggs we harvest. Nothing goes to waste! The pulp can be used to make bran muffins and breads. The variety of juicing blends can be found online and most juicers come with a "juice book". The cost of a juicer is anywhere from $100 and up, but I recommend looking at a local thrift store too. I have seen them for $15 brand new in the box!

Happy Juicing!!!
Andrea Girardi

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