Coconut-Orange Sugar Scrub

If your mom is anything like mine then she is pretty selfless. I can’t remember my mom buying tons of nice stuff for herself or going to get pampered while I was growing up. I am not sure that I truly appreciated it at the time. Now, as a mom myself, I totally get it. You usually put everyone else before yourself. So, in honor of my mom and other awesomely selfless moms out there, I will be sharing some easy DIY recipes that you can make for your mom (perfect for Mother’s Day, hint hint). Each recipe will be a way to show off your amazing all-natural DIY skills while at the same time giving your mom an indulgent gift that she wouldn’t normally splurge on.

First up is a coconut/orange sugar scrub. This recipe is utterly simple and only requires three ingredients. I use mason jars as containers because they are reusable and glass (I like to stick to glass when using essential oils). This recipe will fill up one 8-ounce jar or two 4-ounce jars as shown in my pictures. Even though I don’t normally cook with it, plain granulated white sugar works best in this recipe. In my opinion it yields the perfect amount exfoliation. I also like to use good organic coconut oil because it smells divine. The cheaper stuff doesn’t have as nice of a fragrance and who wants a body product that doesn’t smell fabulous?


½ cup of coconut oil

1 cup of granulated white sugar

20 drops of orange essential oil

First measure out the coconut oil and pour into a bowl. If you live in a place that isn’t blessed with perfect weather (thank you, Hawaii) you may have to warm up the coconut oil by running the jar under warm water.  Then add your 20 drops of orange essential oil to the bowl of coconut oil.

Stir and then gradually add the sugar until the mixture sticks together but doesn’t have a pool of oil sitting on top. You may end up using less than the cup of sugar to get the desired consistency.

Finally spoon the scrub into your desired containers and decorate as you see fit!

Each ingredient can be found in your local supermarket with the exception of the orange essential oil (unless you shop at Whole Foods). I got the cool scoops from Amazon. The batik fabric can be found in fabric stores and online. If you are in the market for essential oils feel free to message me and I can send you in the right direction. A couple places to check out are and 

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