Becca's Favorite Things: My Norwex Window Cloth

Whew, it has been a long time since I’ve entered the blogosphere. I am probably not the best blogger, for a multitude of reasons ;-), nevertheless, I shall blog on. Anyway, I’ve had these paragraphs in my brain for a LONG time and finally found some minutes to sit down and break out my MacBook (hello, tropical storm Cindy).

I need to preface this blog by saying that I am in no way, shape, or form being compensated for blogging on this particular product. A friend, who is quite aware of my ever-present quest to eliminate chemicals, introduced me to it. I’ll admit that it sounded way too good to be true; I am now sold after using it. I love it so much that I even ordered one to give away to a lucky reader of this blog.

Continuing with the “Becca’s Favorite Things” vibe, I bring to you one of my most favorite acquisitions of the decade, my Norwex window cloth. It is a special microfiber cloth, which contains silver in its threads. This seemingly innocuous purple cloth packs a punch. It slays my kids’ grubby finger prints found daily on my mirrored surfaces with a single damp swipe. It makes toothpaste splatter courtesy of my Sonicare a quick thing of the past. Seriously, all you have to do is wet the cloth with WATER and wipe those smudges away! No more Windex! Or, if you are like me, no more of those “natural” glass cleaners, which, do a subpar job and that is being generous. No more plastic bottles filling up our full-ish landfills. No more chemical smells. Just water and this nifty cloth.  

Here is some verbiage from my Norwex friend on how the cloth works:

“This cloth shines windows, stainless steel, glass, shower doors, crystal, granite countertops, and so much more without any toxic chemicals. All you need is water! Reasons I love this cloth are:

  1. No need for traditional glass cleaners which can contain ingredients that are irritating to our eyes, nose, skin, and throat.
  1. Traditional glass cleaners have to be replaced when you run out, the Window Cloth has a 2-year warranty and since there are no added products to go with it, you don’t have to keep replacing products monthly!
  1. No more need for paper towels which reduces waste in our landfills and cuts down on deforestation, (save those trees, please!).
  1. The Window Cloth contains Norwex’s antibacterial agent called BacLock™, which keeps the cloth cleaner between uses. This is great because I don’t have to wash it as frequently as other cloths, limiting the amount of laundry I have to do! (Maybe add how this reduces the amount of fibers released into our water supply through laundry?) I wash mine 2-3 times a month, that’s it!
  1. Norwex microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when using the cloths correctly, which means you’re cleaning more effectively without needing to do any extra work.
  2.  No paper towel dust left over and no streaks! Since I just use water with it, there’s no worrying if my kids or pets touch the surface right after since there is no residual chemicals leftover!
  1. Norwex microfiber is higher quality than the microfiber from stores, and it lasts a lot longer as well! To be considered microfiber the fibers have to be 1/6th the size of a human hair, and Norwex’s fibers are 1/200th the size. That means the cloths fibers come in contact with more surface area, leaving your surfaces cleaner without more work!”

In addition to my Norwex dealer’s (serious, she really is like a dealer as it has become an addiction of mine) thoughts, I adore my window cloth because:

  1. I never discover that I am out of glass cleaner right before my husband’s Army students and their families are due to show up for dinner…my kids have a knack for finger graffiti on all reflective surfaces. A cloth and some water is all I need.
  1. Less waste. No paper towels. No plastic bottles. Nada.
  1. The aren’t any chemicals or toxins flushing down the drain or put into the trash.

Here is a little demo I did for your viewing pleasure. I took some Irish butter and smeared it on the mirror and cleaned it with my window cloth.

Would you like a chance to win a cloth of your own?  Simply like this post on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know if you'd be willing to clean with ONLY water.  See Facebook for other ways to enter!

I hope that you all have a fabulous day!  Bathe well.  Be well.




P.S. Winner will be selected at random from all entries received on this blog or via Facebook on 6/27/17 at 6 pm EST.  Winner will receive one Norwex window cloth with shipping included.  Winner will receive their cloth within 30 days of winning.  If winner doesn't respond to the notification of winning within 7 days another winner will be selected from remaining entries.


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