"Becca's Favorite Things": Himalayan Salt Lamps

Today’s “Becca’s Favorite Things” features an item that can be found in nearly every major room of my house, Himalayan salt rock lamps. Yesterday’s blog on homemade lavender bath salts featured Himalayan salt as a key ingredient, you can find it here: https://barsbybecca.com/blogs/blog/beccas-favorite-things-lavender-bath-salts If you can't tell already, I love this pink compound!

Ok, so on to my much-loved salt lamps. I keep one in my kitchen, several in my great room, two in the master bedroom, one in each of my children’s rooms, and one in the playroom. They are AMAZING! Surprisingly enough I didn’t purchase them; my grunt of an infantry Marine bought nine of those bad boys as a gift for me before they were cool. He even took a couple of them on his last 6-month government sponsored trip. Don’t tell him but I think that he has secretly swayed towards the dark side, um, I mean “greener” side.

Anyway, I digress from the main point. Who really cares how I got them? The importance is why we have and love them! Not only do these lamps create an inviting ambiance with their beautiful soft pinkish-hued light but they also have some pretty rad super powers (that is, relatively speaking, when compared to your standard everyday table lamp).

If I could, I’d give you a brief chemistry lesson on the mechanics of the lamps’ function but I want to keep this shorter than yesterday’s verbal barrage (yup, the bath salts). So, in the most simple of terms, here goes. Salt lamps help reduce household allergens. Allergen reduction is an effect of the fact that Himalayan salt draws the moisture from the air (hygroscopy). Many allergens (pollen, pet dander, etc…) are contained in the water molecules drawn into the salt. When the lamps are heated the water then returns to the air and the allergens remain in the lamp.

Another important check in awesome column is that the lamps have the ability to eliminate detrimental positive ions from our air. Positive ions aren’t good for our bodies and can have an impact on many things such as our breathing. These ironically named bad guys are mainly the product of electronic pollution coming from our household accessories (T.V., cellphones, computers, etc…). As the lamp is heated, the positive ions join the water being drawn into the lamp. The lamp then releases negative ions as the cleansed water is released. I firmly believe that the release of negative ions has a huge impact on me. Negative ions are found around places like the ocean and during thunderstorms both of which are gigantor mood lifters for me (and MANY people). While the salt lamps don’t hold the same punch, they pack enough to make a difference. Maybe that is why my husband carts them around when he gallivants for extended periods.

Himalayan salt lamps are pretty easy to find nowadays. Even Amazon has them (can you say PRIME?). That being said, if you have the luxury, find a local store to score your treasures. I say this because I have been told and also read that the darker the salt rock is the more potent its punch. That way you insure that you have the darkest around! See the difference between these two?

One is much darker!

I hope that you will consider making these an addition to your home lighting ;-) They are pretty and functional. They would also make for a fabulous gift, especially for those with allergies, those who work in a office all day, or even someone needing a little extra dose of happy.

Since this is the time to be merry and bright I have decided to give one of these naturally awesome lamps away!  Contest starts now and ends at 12 pm on December 7th.  For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on the blog or on the Facebook post linking the blog.  For a second entry share the blog and let me know that you did so by commenting "shared" either here or on Facebook.  A randomly chosen winner will receive a small 3-5 pound lamp sent from Amazon and be contacted either via private message or email. The only thing that I ask of the winner is this: if you already own one please share with someone that could use a little brightening this season!

Any thoughts? Want one? Are you considering gifting one? I would love to hear. Until then, happy bathing and stay awesome!







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