"Becca's Favorite Things: MaryRuth's Liquid Morning Multivitamin"

Today I bring to you my second installment of this year’s “Becca’s Favorite Things”.  Some of you may remember me briefly sharing MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin on the Bars by Becca Facebook page and hopefully you gave it a try (I know several who did but more on that later).  Here is an in-depth and personal testimony as to why this is such an important tool in my arsenal. 

Here’s a little background on why I sought out supplements.  I need to say I used to firmly be in the camp of “you get your nutrients through food” until one day my naturopathic doctor told me I couldn’t be that way anymore.  Did you know that fruits and vegetables grown nowadays have a lower content of vitamins and minerals than their predecessors grown in the 1970’s?  Nope, well, this is due to modern farming practices which have gradually depleted the soil of these vital nutrients.  Here’s a brief article if you’re interested: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss/

Back to me, my body went haywire shortly after leaving the Land of Aloha (a.k.a. Hawaii) for the Peach State (a.k.a. Georgia).  I was twitching everywhere, I had pain in my muscles and joints, and I just wasn’t feeling like myself.  I went to the gym and ate well-ish.  Doctors, from GP’s to neurologists to endocrinologists, ran myriads of tests on me.  Everything came back mostly normal.  I know they thought I was crazy, seriously, my GP recommended that I take anti-depressants. The thing was that I know my body and I know that it was off. 

Finally, completely fed up, I went to the local naturopathic doctor.  I brought her everything I had from blood work to MRI’s to nerve conduction studies.  She took one look at my blood work and said “well, taking into consideration that it is now fall here and the fact that you just moved from Hawaii and you were in California before that, there is no way that your vitamin D should be at 30”. According to the guidelines I wasn’t deficient, anything less than 30 is considered low and I was right at 30.  So, my other doctors weren’t wrong in saying all my labs where fine but they didn’t consider my prior locales and the fact that 30 might be just fine for someone else but it was LOW-LOW for me. That day the naturopathic doctor put me on a temporarily high dose of vitamin D as well as trace minerals. 

The supplements helped greatly (I am now in the camp “I need to take supplements”) and once everything was back to normal for me I began my search for different sources of these vital nutrients.  Don’t get me wrong, what the naturopathic doctor’s office had was great but they were EXPENSIVE and I wanted to see what other sources I could find which fitted my lifestyle better.  Think organic/natural, vegan, small batch, etc… I searched “organic vitamins” on Amazon and found MaryRuth Organics (yet, another company founded by a fellow lady ;-) ). I purchased the Liquid Morning Mulitvitamin and I’ve taken it nearly every day for the last 2.5-ish years or so. I literally travel with the stuff as it is so vital to my morning now. 

After I recommended it on my Facebook page I know several of my soapy followers tried it.  One of those was my mom.  Sorry, mom, but I have to share your experience because it was too funny not to share.  Anyway, mom tried it and when I spoke to her after the fact she asked me if it contained caffeine.  I said of course not and asked her why.  Well, her response was “because after I took it I was all talkative and chatty”. Typing that makes me laugh because if you know my mom then you know she is more of the stoic/reserved with quiet intelligence type.  This stuff is truly as the label touts, “liquid sunshine for your cells”.   One of the huge sellers for me was the "no nightshades".  Nightshades are a family of plants (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, etc...) that some people are intolerant to.  I try to avoid them in large quantities because my naturopathic doctor told me that they may be a contributor to the irregular migraines with aura I experience (y'all probably think that I am falling a part but this is truly just a journey of learning what my body needs and doesn't).   Here’s a snapshot of the important stuff!

Here is the down low on MaryRuth's Liquid Morning Multivitamin as I've experienced it.  First, it is just like drinking a cup of coffee, maybe 3.  In fact, I have cut my two or more morning cups down to one.  I probably wouldn't even need the one but I need that hot beverage to get my collagen in and it is a nice way for me to start the day.  It makes a great pre-workout "hop to it" kinda shot for me. Secondly, I can't take it on an empty stomach.  I need something in my tummy, like a banana or other small sustenance to help, otherwise I get a bit of a sour stomach.  Third, it has to be refrigerated and is a bit of a challenge to take places when you travel.  Fortunately, I've mostly traveled by car in the last few years and could bring it in a cooler.  Finally, I do believe that it is the best absorbed by my body vitamin which I have tried.  Don't get me wrong, my urine is still neon yellow (thanks, B-vitamins) right afterward but I have noticed a huge difference on days I do take it and those rare days I am hustling and forget.  

Let's get to MaryRuth Organics as a company.  They were founded by MaryRuth Ghiyam and their mission is "to provide customers with only the best, top-quality, innovative supplements that will support overall health and well-being."  Their supplements range from dietary varieties like protein, to probiotics (they even make some for animals, too) to vitamins and minerals.  They even have a small skincare presence (I can't wait to try their eye cream).  When I reached out to MaryRuth Organics they immediately responded with a YES to my contest idea.  They've been a true pleasure to work with.  It's going to sound weird but you can literally feel their excitement through their emails.  They've even provided me with a discount for you guys to use and receive $20 off your first order of $29.99 or more!!  This includes FREE SHIPPING!!

Enter "beccasfav20" at checkout on www.maryruthorganics.com 

Would you like a chance to win a bottle of MaryRuth's Liquid Morning Mulitvitamin??  MaryRuth Organics has agreed to send one lucky winner a bother of their Liquid Morning Multivitamin.  To enter like Bars by Becca's Facebook page and simply leave a comment on the blog or on the original Facebook post of this blog sharing your thoughts on multivitamins.  For an extra chance at winning share this blog publicly on your Facebook page and like MaryRuth's Organics on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/maryruthorganics

Contest begins on Wednesday, December 5th and goes until Sunday, December 9th at 2:00pm EST.  A winner will be picked from all eligible entries on or around December 10th. 

Bathe well.  Be well. 





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