"Becca's Favorite Things": My Wrapped Quartz Necklace

Today’s “Becca’s Favorite Things” features something that was gifted to me which also happens to be one of my most treasured possessions. It is my gold wrapped quartz necklace that my husband had made for me several birthdays ago.


This may sound crazy but this necklace embodies two things that are very important to me, thoughtfulness and natural beauty. My husband, knowing me and living with a house full of random “rocks” (for some reason, he refuses to call them crystals), physically went into a crystal shop in San Clemente and picked out a quartz that he said made him think of me. Going into a crystal shop without some sort of disguise had to be HUGE for him.  He then took the quartz to a jeweler and had it wrapped in gold wire. Can you say rad?

I won’t get into the metaphysical awesomeness of crystals and make you think I am even weirder than you probably already do but I will say that he picked a perfect stone for me. Quartz is a stone of energy and power that helps to amplify what you put into it. Simply, send some positive mojo into it and it will in turn strengthen your energy. I wear this big hunk of a “rock” when I need a little extra awesome added to my day. As an introvert, it comes in handy with all of the spouse events that I am involved in.

Why am I showcasing my precious necklace and sharing a little bit more of my crazy? Well, I think that this would make an excellent gift. You don’t have to go into a crystal shop to find a “rock” that speaks to you but maybe you can find something on a hike or at the beach that is special to you or the person you are gifting. Your non-chain local jewelers will more than likely have someone on hand to wrap it for you. If you can’t find a local, there are a plethora of jewelry makers on Etsy that would be happy to do it if you send them the piece needing wrapping.

I hope that you will consider doing something like this for a loved one. I can’t express just how much I love what my husband did for me. Just writing this makes me tear up in love and nostalgia.

I would be stoked to hear what you think about this gift!  Oh and stay tuned for tomorrow's blog, it will be a good one ;-) 

Until next time my friends, happy bathing and be kind to eachother!





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