Patchouli, Dirty Hippie or Olfactory Awesome?

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Today I would like to briefly talk about one of my favorite essential oils, patchouli. Most people, when they hear mention of patchouli immediately think one of two things, dirty hippies or YUM. I happen to be one of the later but have found a majority of folks fall into the first category. This makes me sad. Patchouli, when mingled with the correct essential oils, can smell amazing. I love it with almost anything citrus, geranium, and even lavender.

So, what exactly is patchouli and where does it come from? Patchouli is a large evergreen plant and it originates from south east Asia. It is now cultivated in many tropical regions throughout the world. Patchouli is member of the Labiatae family and is actually kin to mint and lavender. The very earthy smelling oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the plant. Interesting factoid alert…patchouli oil is like some of my favorite adult beverages and gets better with age. Because of this, I purposely seek out dark amber patchouli for use in my soaps. It really does smell better!

The reported benefits of patchouli make it an oil that I always have in my arsenal. It is actually a big player in my “Miracle Old Lady” cream (I will share the recipe on here one day). Patchouli is a true multi-tasker. It is said to be an anti-depressant and an aphrodisiac while at the same time it can help the skin with so many ailments from eczema to scaring to acne to dermatitis (and many more). Basically, it can potentially elevate your mood, put you in the mood, and help with your old lady lines. WIN, WIN, and WIN.

Patchouli, at times, can be found in many of my bars but the regular bar with the largest percentage is “Hippie Haven”.  In this bar, the patchouli's muskiness is toned down a bit with the floral of the lavender and then uplifted with the crisp citrus scent of orange oil.



I would love to hear your thoughts on patchouli. Do you use it? Do you hate it?

Until next time, keep on keeping on and happy bathing!



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